Jack Daniels Volkswagen Does the Harlem Shake

Jack Daniels Volkswagen is a fun and youthful spirited dealership, so there was no hesitation when the idea of filming their very own version of the "Harlem Shake" came about. With the help of their friends, infused marketing agency driveHAUS, they organized an early morning "meeting" in February to dance around and act silly in their new car showroom.

The energy that morning was filled with nervousness and excitement. Everyone came in well-prepared ready to show off silly costumes and props; there was a biker hanging out of a Passat sunroof, a cowgirl, a hockey player, a penguin who just couldn't seem to fly, a rock star getting down on the air guitar, even a silly hot dog vendor!

Once the video was snipped and clipped to perfection, it was uploaded that evening. In just 24 hours, yes just one day, they woke up to just a few views shy of 1,000! The JD VW video was a hilarious HIT!

The JD VW team is ecstatic about the success, especially since Dealership Communications newsletter placed them 6th out of the Top 10 Best Dealership Shakers across the USA. They hadn't realized that the silly "Harlem Shake" was a moral boosting team exercise. They are a stronger and more confident team then ever before.

JD VW's "Harlem Shake" video is currently at 6,000+ views on their YouTube channel.

Check out the video here: