We’re getting ready for the Ironman 3 Movie Launch!

We, here at Jack Daniels Motors are anticipating the day when Iron Man 3 launches in theaters  We are looking forward to the action, suspense and special effects. Most importantly, what truly draws us to see this movie is the sleek, fast and powerful Audi R8 come to life.   

We got the chance to interview an excited fan and a special family member of an employee here at Jack Daniels Motors. Four and a half year old, Jayden Emery came and visited us at Jack Daniels Audi of Upper Saddle River and couldn't wait to see a replica of the car that the Marvel Comic's character Iron Man drives to fight the evil Mandarin. Jayden got the chance to see the Audi R8 and even sit in it, making him feel like the real Iron Man! 


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Jayden Emery in the Audi R8 at Jack Daniels Audi of Upper Saddle River

Me: Jayden, what do you think of the new Ironman 3 movie that will be launching May 3rd?

Jayden: "I think that there will be a bad guy in the movie"

Me: What else are you excited for?

Jayden: "I think that Tony Stark is really cool"

Jayden: "I got to go in the real Ironman car at mommy's work!"

Me: Wow, that's fantastic!

Jayden: "My mommy is going to take me to see the Ironman movie"

Me: I am looking forward to seeing it too!

See Iron Man 3 in theatres on May 3rd and see a car that brings out the kid in all of us.