Congratulations on 40 Years!

40 Years ago Jack Daniels III had a dream, that would provide a place for people in our community to purchase a quality product allowing them to travel to great heights. Through blood, sweat and tears; he made this dream a reality.  A company that has now provided employment for over 270 employees and a place where our community goes to feel comfortable about making one of the biggest purchases of their life, buying a car and servicing it for reliability. This is a tribute to Jack Daniels III and his dream. Without him, we would not be here today.


"The most valuable asset of a firm is its good name. Let us do everything we can to protect it. Let us not allow any distorted judgment or attitude, for we have a sacred trust to protect our employees and our customers. In the long run those firms which will survive and prosper are those who maintain conservative policies and put their co-workers and customers interests first." - John J Daniels III

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