Jack Daniels Benefits of Leasing & Financing in New Jersey 

So you've chosen the perfect new or used Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, or Kia from one of our Jack Daniels dealerships. You're almost ready to drive it off the lot and enjoy your new car, but you still have one big decision left to make. Should you lease or finance your vehicle?

There are a number of reasons why leasing may make sense for one person while financing makes sense for another. We want to help you make the right choice for you. Give us a call or pay us a visit in Fair Lawn, Paramus, or Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, so that we can further assist you.

When to Lease and When to Finance at Jack Daniels Motors

Some benefits of leasing:

  • Lower payments each month
  • Lower or no down payment
  • Lower or no repair costs due to factory warranties
  • Easier to change vehicles every few years
  • Avoid trade-in hassles at the end of a lease
  • Sales taxes only on the portion of the car you finance

But there are disadvantages:

  • You don't own the car when your lease is up
  • You have to pay attention to mileage and stay within the limits
  • It can be difficult to terminate a lease early

If any of these disadvantages outweigh the advantages of leasing a car for you, you may want to consider buying your vehicle.

Benefits of Financing

  • Pride and ease of ownership
  • No penalty for mileage
  • Increased flexibility for selling and modifications

And the disadvantages:

  • Costs more upfront
  • More expensive monthly payments
  • More costly maintenance

In summary, leasing your car means less money up front. This makes buying a car seem more costly, but you are making an investment towards ownership. Either option may be the better choice depending on your needs and priorities.

When you've chosen the option that suits your needs, come to our dealerships to take a look at our extensive new and used inventory. We have an attentive, knowledgeable team that will be happy to help you schedule a test drive or answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to visits from our customers from Fair Lawn, Paramus, and Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, as well as nearby Jersey City and New York City.


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